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Recovering Workers’ Compensation for Work Event Injuries

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Recovering Workers’ Compensation for Work Event Injuries


Recovering NJ Workers’ Compensation for Work Event Injuries

Morris County NJ Workers' Compensation AttorneyWorkers’ compensation claims allow individuals who are injured during the course of their employment to recover compensation for their medical expenses and lost income without the necessity of proving any kind of fault, unlike personal injury claims.

However, things like work parties, work events, or work sport teams can all easily result in injuries to employees, but may not necessarily be considered injuries sustained “during the course of employment” by employers and their workers’ compensation insurance providers, a factor critical to recovering financial compensation for any workers’ compensation claim.

With that being said, if you have been injured at a work party or a work event, it may still be possible to successfully recover compensation through a workers’ compensation claim, given you and your Morris County workers’ compensation attorney can demonstrate certain important factors.

Did Your Injuries Occur during the Course of Employment? Parsippany Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If your employer and their workers’ compensation insurance provider are denying your workers’ compensation claim for injuries sustained at some kind of work event or work party, there are several factors that a court will examine when it comes to determining whether or not you are, in fact, eligible to recover compensation.

These factors include:

  • Whether or not the event occurred on company property
  • Whether or not the event took place during working hours
  • How involved was your company in sponsoring the event?
  • Were you required to attend the event?
  • Was it implied that your attendance would affect how the company viewed your dedication and/or future within the company?
  • How much did your company benefit benefit from holding the event?
  • How often does the event in question take place?

While courts will weigh these factors and their answers differently, having an experienced Parisppany workers’ compensation attorney on your side can help sway any courts decision when it comes to considering these factors, and how they impact your eligibility for workers’ compensation.

Roxbury Workers’ Compensation Attorney Discusses Additional Factors to Consider for Work Event Injury Claims

Beyond the factors mentioned above, there are certain circumstances which, if true, could greatly improve the strength of your workers’ compensation claim for a work event or work party injury. These situations and circumstances include:

  • If the event included some kind of team-building exercise
  • The event put you in a situation where you were expected to recruit potential employees, sell potential clients, or network within your industry
  • If your company provided transportation to the event
  • If your company actively promoted the event to its employees
  • If the event in question occurred during regular work hours
  • The event is considered part of your company’s “corporate culture”, or is a deeply ingrained institution

Any of these factors, if true, lend themselves towards proving that the work event or work party where you sustained your injuries should be considered part of the course of your employment, a factor critical towards securing any workers’ compensation claim. Of course, when it comes to helping you demonstrate the truth of any of these factors, and helping you recover full and fair compensation, having an experienced Roxbury workers’ compensation attorney on your side is invaluable.

Contact A Morris County Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

Founding partner Robert A. Smith of Smith and Doran has extensive experience helping clients to recover compensation in contested workers’ compensation claims and personal injury claims in towns across Morris County, including Parsippany, Roxbury, Randolph, Florham Park, Denville, and Morristown.

Robert Smith strongly believes that by keeping each of his clients highly informed and involved throughout the legal process, and listening closely to their unique needs and concerns, he can better work to achieve the type of resolution that best meets those specific needs and concerns, and ensure his clients recover the compensation they need and deserve for any kind of injury, including company party injuries or company event injuries.

To speak with our firm and Robert Smith today in a free and confidential consultation regarding your workers’ compensation claim or personal injury claim, and how we can specifically help you to recover compensation, please contact us online, or through our Morristown, NJ office at (973) 261-6254.

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