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Like It or Not, the Alcotest is Here to Stay ― at Least for Now

If you have the unfortunate experience of being stopped for suspected drunken driving in New Jersey, you may be subject to the use of new, controversial, and possibly flawed, investigation technology: the Alcotest. The Alcotest is a breath-testing device connected to a computer platform that is usually administered at the police station. New Jersey switched… Read More »

End of the Road: Harsh Penalties for Drug Possessors

While technological advances have made shopping and communicating easier, they have also created black markets on the Internet where illegal drug transactions occur with a mouse click. These online criminal interactions not only create massive headaches for authorities, they also expose millions of users to harsh drug possession or trafficking penalties. In early October, the… Read More »

Facing Burglary Charges? Here’s What You Need to Know

A New Jersey man was recently arrested for a Millburn home invasion that was captured on a nanny cam. The burglar allegedly broke into the home, beat a woman there in front of her child, and now faces charges of attempted murder, burglary, robbery, and child endangerment. The New Jersey burglary statute has four elements:… Read More »

Who is Eligible for Criminal-Record Expungement in New Jersey?

If you have a criminal record, you are probably aware of how damaging even a minor infraction can be to your future. Colleges, professional licensing boards, and employers will often investigate the criminal history of applicants. This screening mechanism can derail your hopes of a successful career, but an experienced attorney may be able to… Read More »

Been Arrested? Now What?

Being placed under arrest can be very scary. Depending upon your offense, you may be facing severe penalties, including imprisonment and fines, if you are proven guilty. So, what should you do if you are arrested? 1. Don’t talk to police. You have the right to remain silent when you are arrested, and anything you… Read More »

It Can Be a Felony to Drive on a Suspended License After a DUI Conviction

Has your license been suspended because of a previous driving under the influence (DUI) offense? Before you get into the car to run that quick errand or commute to work, you might want to think twice. Repeat violators who drive with a suspended license are now facing lengthy jail sentences and can spend up to… Read More »

A DUI Means a Whole Lot of Penalties

Many of us know someone who has been charged with a DUI.  It seems as if a new celebrity is being charged with a DUI every day.  With the frequency of DUI charges, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs may appear to be a routine, everyday activity.  However, facing the penalties that are… Read More »

Juvenile Delinquency: What You Need to Know

Children are treated differently than adults in the American court system. The goal of juvenile court is rehabilitation rather than punishment. For this reason, the court exercises broad discretion in designing a plan that meets the rehabilitative needs of the individual child. When a juvenile commits what would be considered a crime if committed by… Read More »