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Every day we use products we believe we can trust: the stroller we use to carry our children to the park, the prepared meals we serve our families, the household appliances that help simplify our lives — even the seat-belts that are designed to protect us. When we use these products, we enter into an unwritten agreement of trust, and when that trust is broken what recourse do we, the consumer, have?

Product liability cases are made more difficult as the negligent party in many cases are national or international companies. If you have been wrongly harmed by a product , you will want a law team with experience and toughness to go up against these companies. As AV® Preeminent™ Peer Review Rated by Martindale-Hubbell® attorneys, we know how to thoroughly investigate the accident and research your case. Certified Civil Trial attorney Robert A. Smith is a courtroom veteran who understands the complexities of these cases, the challenges insurance companies will present — and how to prevail.

At Smith & Gaynor, LLC, in Morristown, New Jersey, our products liability attorneys have experience defending people throughout New Jersey who have suffered injury and serious harm such as burns, electrical shock, brain or spinal cord damage, amputation, blindness, and hearing loss as a result of negligent product manufacturers and designers. To schedule a cost-free consultation, contact us online or call today at 973-532-2661.

Do I have a Product Liability Case? Parsippany, New Jersey, Lawyers Are Here to Assist You

Under the New Jersey Product Liability Act of 1987, businesses have a legal duty to ensure that products they have manufactured, distributed or marketed are reasonably safe when used as directed. For a claim to be successful, you must prove all of the following:

  • You have suffered significant injuries
  • A product caused those injuries
  • The product was defective
  • You used the product appropriately
  • You did not improperly store or modify the product, and it was not damaged after you bought it
  • The product had not been recalled, nor had the manufacturer or the government issued warnings that the product was dangerous

Proving that all of these are the case isn't always easy, but is crucial to winning compensation for your product liability case. Our experienced personal injury attorneys at Smith & Gaynor, LLC can help walk you through the process of gathering evidence and proving that, through no fault of your own, the manufacturer or designer of the defective product negligently caused you harm.

What kind of defective products can cause injuries?

Your case can be pursued under one or more legal theories: strict liability, negligence, and breach of warranty. Our personal injury lawyers can assist you if you have been injured by a defective product, including:

  • Cars, trucks and motorcycles: Although the issues with Fords and Toyotas may not be quite fresh in everyone's mind, automobiles are among the most dangerous products when there is a defect. Airbags and seat-belts that fail to work can lead to death or disfigurement. Defective tires may puncture or explode, causing rollovers. There may even be defects in the construction of the roof, fuel system or doors — all design defects that injury and kill countless Americans every year.
  • Household appliances and tools: Although manufacturers are required to make safe products, sometimes they cut corners — or even make a mistake that leads to a defect. Household appliances, such as toasters or microwaves, may catch fire and explode. And a defective power tool may come apart or even have safety features that fail to operate. If you have been injured, our attorneys can help you obtain compensation and make the world safer by holding the manufacturer responsible.
  • Infant and child products: Lead in paint and toys. Crib mattresses that were made in China by manufacturers that "cut corners" that saved money but made the mattresses unsafe. Choking hazards from infant toys that contain marbles, small pieces and balloons — all these and more have hurt and even killed our children. Whether choking hazards from toys with small parts, to strangulation hazards from cords on pull toys, to laceration hazards from edges that are too sharp, to toxic hazards posed by chemicals in toys, it's imperative that we protect our young children and make sure that no other child is harmed.
  • Drugs and medical devices: We should be able to trust pharmaceutical companies and the Food and Drug Administration to keep us safe. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. When drug and medical device manufacturers encourage doctors to use a product for an "off-label" purpose, that drug or device may do more harm than good. And sometimes medicines and medical devices are just plain bad — Phen-Phen diet pills, knee replacements, Vioxx®, Prozac®, heart valve replacements and others have caused heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, depression and numerous other injuries.

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At Smith & Gaynor, LLC, we understand the stakes involved with your dangerous and defective product injury, and we are ready to provide you with personal, effective, and dedicated legal representation. We know how to fight for your future while at the same time always maintaining an open line of communication with you. The lawyer you hire is the lawyer you get, every step of the way

If you cannot come to us, we will be happy to come to your home or to the hospital. All products liability cases are taken on contingency, so you do not pay us unless we win your case. To schedule your free consultation, please contact us online or call us today at 973-532-2661.

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