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Athletes, students, and vacationers should not suffer premises liability injuries as the result of poorly manufactured, designed, or maintained equipment, playing surfaces, or pools. Likewise, spectators should be safe when attending sporting events at ball parks, coliseums, and gymnasiums. Unfortunately, however, people frequently sustain injuries in recreational accidents, and property and facility owners, equipment manufacturers, managers, and maintenance contractors may be liable.

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Parsippany, NJ Injury Lawyers Answer: "What are the different types of Recreational Accidents?"

According to national statistics, one out of every five recreational enthusiasts will suffer some kind of accident and injury, with 71% of these accidents resulting in serious injuries. These accidents may involve:

  • Bicycle failures, including tire and equipment failures
  • Defective helmets and other protective gear
  • Swimming pool injuries, including slips, falls, and drowning
  • Defective playing surfaces
  • Defective playground equipment
  • Defective bleachers
  • Boating injuries and boating equipment failures
  • Horseback riding accidents from inadequate protective gear and/or training
  • Lack of child supervision

The most common recreational activities resulting in injuries are bicycling, horseback riding, and team ball sports. Often, these activities are undertaken away from home, and frequently on public land. This can make the accident more traumatic and any ensuing legal claim more complex. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help.

Sports Injuries Lawyers Mt. Olive, New Jersey

It's a horrible situation when doing something you enjoy leads to injuries that negatively impact your life, especially for children with their entire lives ahead of them. Sometimes, a school district, athletic association, or sports facility may be held accountable for injuries if an athlete did not have proper safety equipment or if inadequate emergency medical care was not on hand—even if you signed a waiver of liability or release form.

In some cases, the waiver of liability is not applicable because of pre-existing conditions (such as a coach pushing an athlete too much) or another party is responsible, such as an equipment manufacturer or maintenance contractor. Other relevant factors may include insufficient supervision, poor training, or unsafe premises like courts or playing fields. Contact sports (think football, basketball, and soccer) result in the most student sport-related injuries. But even non-competitive activities like cheerleading have high injury rates. If your son or daughter has sustained a sports injury, consider your legal options along with your child's care and treatment.

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