Morristown Work Accident Lawyers Protect Your Future

If you get hurt in the course of doing your job in New Jersey, either from a repetitive injury, lax safety practices, or due to a third party on the job causing your injuries, you deserve to be paid for the cost of caring for your injuries and for your lost income and may have a personal injury claim. Morristown construction accident and workplace injury attorneys at Smith & Gaynor, LLC, are experienced litigators who will help you to collect your maximum Workers' Compensation benefit, and ensure that you're fully compensated for any additional expenses through a possible third party lawsuit where applicable.

When you're hurt at work, workers' compensation can help you make ends meet while you recover. Workers' compensation benefits can cover your medical expenses and up to 70% of your income when you're forced to miss work, plus possible compensation for permanent disabilities, and compensation to families of individuals who died as a result of their on-the-job injuries.

However, workers' compensation may not cover all your costs, and an experienced New Jersey workplace accident attorney can advise you about additional opportunities for you to seek compensation for your injury-related costs. Below are examples of situations where a third party may be liable for a work-related injury caused by their negligence.

Car and Truck Accidents on the Job

If you drive as part of your job and are injured in a truck or car accident, you may have a claim against the negligent driver of the other vehicle. Being on the road all day makes you especially vulnerable to drivers who may be texting, looking at their GPS, or even drunk. If you are hurt in a crash while making a delivery for your job, then you may have a claim for workers' compensation, as well as a possible lawsuit against the other driver.

Off-Site Injuries – Premises Liability Attorneys Parsippany, New Jersey

Your job may entail doing work at an off-site location. If you're hurt while doing work due to the failure of the owner to properly maintain the premises, you may be entitled to damages from the property owner. If you're invited on property for a business purpose, then you are entitled to expect that property to be safe, and to receive a warning from the property owner if it isn't.

Construction Site Injuries Lawyers Randolph, New Jersey

There are many opportunities for things to go wrong on a construction site, and many ways you can be injured, even when you've taken every possible safety precaution. Perhaps an independent contractor has failed to take necessary safety measures in constructing scaffolding or retaining walls, or an equipment rental company has not kept its machinery in safe and working condition. These parties must be held accountable for their disregard of your well-being, and should be forced to pay for injuries they've caused you.

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