Verdicts and Settlements

Since 1996, the attorneys and legal staff at Smith & Gaynor, LLC have provided high-quality legal services to individuals, families and businesses in Morris, Union and Sussex counties and throughout New Jersey.

This is a snapshot of some of the ways in which we have helped our clients:

Recovery: $4,500,000.00
Recovery for a six year old girl who suffered serious neurologic injury, as well as the loss of her parents and siblings, when the family's car was crushed by a garbage truck which had jumped a median strip partly as a result of a faulty braking system.

Recovery: $3,000,000.00
Settlement obtained for a sixty-seven year old man who fell down a flight of stairs as a result of an inadequate handrail, suffering quadriplegia.

Recovery: $850,000.00
Award obtained for a Sussex County man who suffered cervical injuries requiring two surgeries as a result of two separate car accidents.

Recovery: $525,000.00
Award obtained for an asbestos removal company employee who fell through a substandard and damaged roof causing him to suffer injury to his back and arm.

Recovery: $500,000.00
Recovery in a medical malpractice action for a client who suffered obstetric and bladder problems, as well as a severe kidney infection resulting from a negligent childbirth procedure.

Recovery: $500,000.00
In this medical malpractice action the client was left with a perforated bowel and other stomach issues as a result of the negligence of his family practitioner.

Recovery: $450,000.00
Award obtained for a client who suffered irreversible damage to her eye while utilizing a defectively designed home exercise product.

Recovery: $440,000.00
Settlement for a teacher who fell victim to a student's prank. On the last day of class during field day the student activated an air horn next to the client's ear causing him to suffer permanent debilitating tinnitus.

Recovery: $425,000.00
Medical malpractice settlement in an action brought against a spinal surgeon who negligently placed cervical instrumentation at the wrong levels in the client's neck.

Recovery: $400,000.00
Payment for a motor vehicle accident victim who suffered a herniated cervical disc while unloading his truck.

Recovery: $395,000.00
Award in a medical malpractice action brought against a laser surgical center for permanent injury and partial loss of vision in the client's eye.

Recovery: $350,000.00
Settlement obtained in a medical malpractice action against a surgeon performing a colon recission where undetected sepsis left the client permanently disabled.

Recovery: $325,000.00
Recovery for a sixty-five year old woman who tripped and fell on a raised sidewalk slab while walking in her neighborhood. Her injuries required multiple surgeries and left her suffering from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). This painful and debilitating condition is also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Recovery: $300,000.00
Recovery for the wrongful death of an 11 year old boy struck by an automobile while on his bicycle. The settlement also encompassed the emotional distress claims of the parent and brother for having come upon the scene shortly after impact.

Recovery: $300,000.00
Recovery for the estate of a teenage girl who died following imbibing alcohol at a neighbor's New Year's Eve party.

Recovery: $255,000.00
Award for injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident resulting in client suffering from untreatable RSD.

Recovery: $225,000.00
Settlement in a medical malpractice action brought on behalf of the estate of a young mother who was denied proper care at a local emergency room.

Recovery: $200,000.00
Payment to a woman who suffered partial loss of vision following a chiropractic manipulation.