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Motor vehicle accidents: New Jersey man dies after head-on crash

A man believed to have been traveling the wrong way on a state route is dead and another man has been taken to a local hospital following a head-on crash on Route 130. New Jersey police have confirmed the accident happened on April 6. As with most motor vehicle accidents resulting in a fatality, this incident is still under investigation by local police in North Brunswick. 

According to the limited information available in the current report, a 26-year-old local man appeared to have been traveling southbound in the northbound lanes of Route 130 around 1:39 a.m. the morning in question. As a result, his vehicle collided with a vehicle traveling the correct direction. The force of the impact damaged both vehicles badly, to the point where one driver was trapped in his vehicle and had to be freed by emergency responders, including the local fire department. 

Motor vehicle accidents: New Jersey man faces charges

A fatal car crash that claimed the life of a 32-year-old man has resulted in an arrest, according to local sources. New Jersey police say the car accident was predicated by the theft of a vehicle involved in the accident. The 26-year-old man behind the wheel of the allegedly stolen car has been arrested and charged with aggravated manslaughter and vehicular homicide, as well as charges related to the alleged theft. As with many motor vehicle accidents, this one is still under investigation. 

From the preliminary reports, it appears the 26-year-old man may have stolen a vehicle in Newark on the afternoon of March 21 before getting into an accident with another vehicle on a snowy street just after 2 p.m. The stolen car struck another vehicle, causing the death of a 32-year-old male passenger in the second car. The condition of that car's driver is unknown at this time. 

Motor vehicle accidents: 2 hurt in pileup in New Jersey

Police in Paterson are still investigating an accident that closed several lanes on Route 80 on the morning of March 8. New Jersey State Police troopers, who are often called to investigate motor vehicle accidents on state routes, worked for several hours to determine the cause of this crash. They have not yet filed any charges against any of the three drivers involved in the accident. 

According to the report, around 7:15 a.m. a transport truck, pickup truck and minivan all collided near exit 59. The cause of this accident is still under investigation, and police have not ruled out several possible factors including negligence, recklessness, intoxication or weather conditions. The accident closed down both the left and center lanes, indicating massive damage done to the vehicles involved. 

New Jersey State Police dispatcher dies in highway accident

In a tragic irony, an employee of the New Jersey State Police who helped people involved in severe auto accidents was killed recently in a crash with a teenager. The woman, who worked as a dispatcher for the State Police, was only 26.

According to the Burlington County Times, the victim was driving to work the afternoon of Feb. 23. She was going north on Route 206 when a 17-year-old male failed to yield to traffic while trying to enter the highway. The teen crashed into the woman’s car, spinning it into the southbound lanes and into the path of a van, which also struck her.

Motor vehicle accidents: 2 passengers killed in New Jersey crash

Two people lost their lives in a tragic crash in Jersey City in the early morning of Feb. 11, according to emergency services. It is not yet clear what events led to the two-car crash, but as with most motor vehicle accidents, New Jersey authorities are still investigating. They are actively seeking witnesses to the crash to aid in that investigation. 

So far, very little is known about the accident, which happened at approximately 3 a.m. on the day in question. Two vehicles were involved in a serious crash that saw both vehicles totaled and one flipped onto its roof. A 25-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman, both of whom were back-seat passengers in one of the two vehicles, were pronounced dead at the scene. 

Motor vehicle accidents: 6 injured in New Jersey crash

A car crash involving an SUV has sent six people to local hospitals, according to news sources. New Jersey authorities are still investigating the cause of the crash, which was apparently the second of several motor vehicle accidents the SUV was involved in. So far, no charges have been filed, and police say they are not likely to file charges in this case moving forward. However, the injured parties may still have legal recourse available to them. 

Police have confirmed that just before 7 a.m. the morning of Feb. 9, the driver of an SUV was involved in a three-car pileup. The details of this accident were not included in this report, but the vehicle reportedly traveled no more than a block before it crashed into a house. Two people were in the home at the time. Although the structure has been deemed compromised, they were not injured in the accident. 

Motor vehicle accidents: Driver charged in fatal crash

An unlicensed driver is facing charges after a car accident that killed a woman in Jersey City. New Jersey authorities arrested a 27-year-old woman after she turned herself in to police. So far, a court date has not been announced, but the woman was accompanied by her attorney, signaling that she had secured legal counsel for the upcoming court case. As in most motor vehicle accidents causing injury or death, the family of the deceased has several legal options available to them moving forward. 

According to Jersey City authorities, witnesses reported the single-vehicle crash around 3:00 a.m. on the morning of Jan. 28. Police say they found the vehicle rammed up against a metal guard rail with a passenger in the back seat of the car who had sustained serious injuries. The 24-year-old female passenger was pronounced dead by medical personnel a short time later. 

Why do people commit road rage?

Everybody feels stressed out, upset or angry sometimes. Most of us deal with negative emotions in healthy ways, like exercise, hobbies and therapy. But a few people can turn into a menace on the road when they feel another driver has “wronged” them somehow.

Road rage is a serious problem here in New Jersey and around the United States. Unlike a driver who recklessly causes a car accident by speeding or driving drunk, a motorist going through road rage may deliberately crash into an innocent victim and cause horrific injuries.

Motor vehicle accidents: Husband and wife die in New Jersey

A husband and wife have tragically lost their lives after their minivan was catapulted into a lake, according to local police. New Jersey authorities have not yet made any arrests in connection with the crash. However, as with most fatal motor vehicle accidents, this tragic incident is still being thoroughly investigated, and charges may yet be forthcoming. 

The accident report shows that a 52-year-old man and his 50-year-old wife were stopped in their minivan on northbound Route 130 and were waiting at a jughandle around 4:30 p.m. on the afternoon of Jan. 13 when the accident occurred. A 29-year-old man also traveling north in his sedan was apparently traveling at an "excessive" rate of speed, according police. The man lost control of his vehicle and smashed into the rear of the minivan. 

Motor vehicle accidents: 1 dead in New Jersey

Police are still investigating the cause of a fatal crash on Interstate 295, according to local sources. New Jersey State Police have reported that one person is dead after an accident on the morning of Dec. 27. As with many motor vehicle accidents, this crash caused the closure of the interstate for a period of time while accident reconstruction teams tried to determine the cause of the crash. 

According to the limited information available in this report, it appears the accident happened around 6:30 a.m. somewhere near exit 67. It is unclear at this time how many vehicles were involved, but authorities have confirmed that more than one car was caught up in the accident. One person, who has not been identified publicly, was pronounced dead as a result of injuries suffered in the crash. 


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