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Airbags are responsible for saving the lives of many accident victims-some 37,000 between 1987 and 2012, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Yet they can also cause serious, sometimes fatal, injuries. Read on to learn how airbags can be dangerous, and steps you can take to prevent these injuries. 

Injuries caused by deploying airbags

Due to the sudden and violent manner in which airbags deploy in a crash, there are a number of ways that drivers and front-seat passengers can get hurt by deploying airbags. The bags are often inflated with a propellant that ignites and heats the air, causing it to quickly expand to fill the bag. Where an airbag has a puncture, or has been defectively manufactured so that it bursts open, this hot gas can cause burns to the faces, necks, chests or arms of those near the airbags. The force with which the airbag deploys can also result in broken noses, cracked ribs, broken fingers or arms, and even hearing damage, as a result of the loud explosion that can occur upon deployment. Children and infants are most at risk for injury from an airbag. Of the 290 individuals killed by airbags between 1990 and 2008, 90% were children.

Prevent airbag injuries in a crash

The most important way to avoid being hurt by an airbag in an accident? Wear a seatbelt. Research shows that 80% of those who experienced fatal injuries from an airbag were not property buckled in at the time of deployment. Another way to prevent injury is to ensure that you are seated at a safe distance-at least 10 inches- from the car's steering wheel. For those of smaller stature, this may require use of pedal extenders. Pregnant women, especially those in later stages of pregnancy, should be cautious of how close they are to the steering wheel, and may want to avoid driving altogether. Be sure to have children under 12 and infants sit in the back seat at all times.

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