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Expert Witnesses You Might Find in a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawsuit

While some personal injury lawsuits are concluded out of court through a settlement, others can be more contentious and last through a full trial. When an accident was particularly serious and the stakes for an accident victim are high, chances for success can be bolstered through the use of expert testimony. A personal injury attorney can use his or her expertise in proving the basis for damages with the strongest evidence available, which can include testimony from a third party expert.
Unlike eyewitnesses who provide a recounting of their memory of what happened during an accident, an expert witness specializes in a technical field relevant to your case, and will examine evidence to explain why something happened a particular way, or offer an opinion on how something occurred, or what will happen in the future. The following are some categories of experts common to personal injury lawsuits. 

Accident reconstruction experts: These experts can calculate facts such as how fast a car was going at the time of a crash, whether drivers may have been driving while texting or intoxicated, or other factors relevant to which driver was at fault based on physical, testimonial, and photographic evidence.
Medical experts: A medical expert can examine the plaintiff's medical history and documentation of the injuries received in an accident to determine the extent to which an accident was responsible for the plaintiff's current physical state, or the length of time the plaintiff can expect to spend recovering from those injuries, as well as how painful your injuries likely were for the purpose of pain and suffering damages.
Economic experts: These experts will be able to estimate the future costs caused by your injuries, such as lost work, lost promotions, long-term medical costs, or lost retirement income, so that the judge or jury can have an understanding of the reasons for your demand for damages.
If you or a loved one have been hurt in an accident in New Jersey, ensure that you're fully compensated for your medical expenses, lost work, and property damage by contacting the knowledgeable and compassionate Morristown personal injury attorneys at Smith & Doran for a consultation on your claims, at 973-292-0016. 

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