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Drunk driving is dangerous, both to the intoxicated driver and to other drivers and pedestrians. Consuming alcohol slows down reaction times and reduces the control you have over your body. New Jersey law prohibits automobile drivers from driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08% or higher, and the consequences of breaking this law are harsh, including steep fines, possible jail time, and suspension of license.

This is fairly common knowledge, but what many people don't know however is that the law is different for drivers operating commercial vehicles. According to both New Jersey law as well as federal law, the legal limit for commercial truck drivers is .04% BAC, half the normal limit. This is due to the fact that truck accidents have the potential to be much more harmful for all parties involved, and frequently cause wrongful death. The law even goes one step further, prohibiting truck drivers from consuming alcohol for four hours prior to performing any safety-sensitive work.

Additionally, alcohol is not the only substance involved in many truck accidents. Amphetamines are common among truck drivers to help them stay awake during long hours of driving, but prescription drugs can have debilitating affects on drivers, and their consumption during work hours is also illegal. A driving while under the influence charge carries similar consequences to a DUI charge in New Jersey.

What Are the Penalties for a Truck Driver Operating their Vehicle Under the Influence?

If a truck driver is discovered to be operating their vehicle with a BAC of .04% or higher, they face federal civil fines, federal criminal fines, possibly imprisonment, and a one-year suspension of their New Jersey commercial driver's license (CDL) for first offenses. A second offense will result in a lifetime ban on having a New Jersey CDL.

What Can I Do if I was Injured by a Drunk Truck Driver?

If you have been injured in an accident with a truck, whether the driver was intoxicated or not, you will want to contact a Morris County personal injury attorney and consult with them about a possible personal injury case. Employers are liable for the negligent actions of their employees, and a truck driver operating while intoxicated is definitely a reckless and negligent action. Your lawyer can help you to hold the employer liable for compensating your medical expenses incurred because of the accident, lost income if you are unable to work, and your pain and suffering. By doing background checks and gathering evidence from the scene of the accident and police records, your Morristown personal injury lawyer can help you to protect your future and your family.

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Attorney Robert A. Smith is a New Jersey Supreme Court Certified Civil Trial Attorney. This is an elite accolade held by only 2% of the active lawyers in the state, and signifies his deep legal understanding and trial skills when it comes to civil trial law. With extensive experience helping clients with their personal injury cases across Morristown, Parsippany, Randolph, and Roxbury, Robert Smith has the track record and dedication you need when pursuing a personal injury claim.

To speak with Robert Smith and the personal injury team of Smith & Doran today regarding your potential case in a free and confidential consultation, contact us online or through our Morristown office at 973.261.6254.

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