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Motor vehicle accidents: 6 injured in New Jersey crash

A car crash involving an SUV has sent six people to local hospitals, according to news sources. New Jersey authorities are still investigating the cause of the crash, which was apparently the second of several motor vehicle accidents the SUV was involved in. So far, no charges have been filed, and police say they are not likely to file charges in this case moving forward. However, the injured parties may still have legal recourse available to them. 

Motor vehicle accidents: Driver charged in fatal crash

An unlicensed driver is facing charges after a car accident that killed a woman in Jersey City. New Jersey authorities arrested a 27-year-old woman after she turned herself in to police. So far, a court date has not been announced, but the woman was accompanied by her attorney, signaling that she had secured legal counsel for the upcoming court case. As in most motor vehicle accidents causing injury or death, the family of the deceased has several legal options available to them moving forward. 

Motor vehicle accidents: Husband and wife die in New Jersey

A husband and wife have tragically lost their lives after their minivan was catapulted into a lake, according to local police. New Jersey authorities have not yet made any arrests in connection with the crash. However, as with most fatal motor vehicle accidents, this tragic incident is still being thoroughly investigated, and charges may yet be forthcoming. 

Motor vehicle accidents: 1 dead in New Jersey

Police are still investigating the cause of a fatal crash on Interstate 295, according to local sources. New Jersey State Police have reported that one person is dead after an accident on the morning of Dec. 27. As with many motor vehicle accidents, this crash caused the closure of the interstate for a period of time while accident reconstruction teams tried to determine the cause of the crash. 

On the many reasons why crashes occur

In 2008, researchers at the University of Michigan did a heavy analysis of nearly 7,000 car accidents all across the country. The purpose of the study was to find out some of the definitive reasons why car accidents occur. That may seem like a silly goal, given just how ubiquitous car accidents are and the myriad different reasons that any individual car accident could occur. But the study did yield some important information.

When is an accident the pedestrian's fault?

Let's say it is rush hour, and you are driving through heavy traffic. All of a sudden, a pedestrian crosses in front of you. To prevent colliding with the pedestrian, you step on the brake pedal. In the space of one second, you are struck from behind, and so is that driver, and so is the driver behind that driver. All four drivers are injured in the pile-up.


Any time you are injured in an accident such as an auto accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, construction accident, a slip and fall, on a poorly maintained premises, and more, it can be an extremely stressful, complicated, and difficult situation to successfully navigate. You want to ensure that you recover compensation for your medical expenses and lost income, and protect the financial and legal future of you and your family.


As physicians and researches come to learn more and more about the human brain, the more we begin to understand the risk, and consequences, of what is known as a traumatic brain injury after an accident. If you have been involved in an accident such as an auto accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, construction accident, slip and fall, ladder or scaffolding accident, or any other kind of violent physical incident, it is important that you understand the risk of brain injury, the symptoms, and how to recover compensation in the event that you did suffer a brain injury. 


Premises liability refers to the responsibility (and failure of responsibility) of property owners to maintain a safe environment for visitors. In the case of shopping center and mall parking lots, our office frequently receives inquires regarding injuries, and the potential for a personal injury claim against the property owner. In order to have a successful premises liability claim, several factors must be true.


Personal injury lawsuits are meant to compensate victims of accidents like construction accidents, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, ladder and scaffolding accidents, defective products, and poorly maintained premises for their medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. But when the injured party suffers a permanent disability as a result of their accident, it can often mean a lifetime of medical expenses, and a large amount of lost wages if that person can no longer work in their previous line of employment.


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